Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Care

If you have an emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Yes, you can speak to your therapist or call the office that you attend and request that at any time. Availability for appointments and insurance will vary by therapist.

Most times yes, unless there is a conflict of interest or you request a new therapist.

Your first session will consist of completing some initial paperwork (can vary by payer and individual need). When you meet with your therapist they will begin to gather information (comprehensive assessment) about you through discussion and interview to formulate your diagnosis (required for all insurance payers) and begin to develop your first treatment plan. The process typically will go into your second session as needed.

Yes, please ask your therapist for more information. We order ICS clothing 3-4 times per year and we can add your order to the next order. Payment will be due at time of order.

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ICS does not provide psychological testing at this time.

ICS does not provide medication management but collaborates with many prescribers in the area.

ICS is currently working to make this an available service. Please continue to check back or contact your local office.

Managing Appointments

There are several ways you can schedule appointments. You can contact your local office, you can submit your information through this website for us to contact you, or you can email our administrative assistants and they can contact you to get you started.

While we understand that things come up from time to time that lead to appointments needing to be rescheduled we do require that we received at least 24 hours notice for all missed appointments. Continued missed appointments impacts your ability to receive consistent care and see progress in your treatment. They can also be a barrier to others on our wait list that are looking to see a therapist at ICS. 3 missed appointments within any 6 month period can result in discharge from our services.

All therapists schedule their own appointments and many schedule nights and/or weekends.

Yes, we can send reminders at the time the appointment is scheduled and then again 24 hours before the appointment. These reminders will be sent either via voice call, text message, or email and will be sent unless you specifically opt out of this.

Insurance And Payment

We do offer a sliding scale, please contact the office of your choice for more information. Also, with the availability of counseling interns we are able to offer free clinical services on a limited basis.

Yes, we accept payments via our webportal and over the phone via credit card. Check payments can be made in the office or via mail. In the office we can take cash, check, or credit card. There are no additional fees for paying over the phone or online.

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Please contact our Scranton location at 570-955-5479

COVID-19 Regulations And Restrictions

Since 2019, we have offered telehealth services. For additional information please see our telehealth page.

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What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth involves the use of digital channels of communication (i.e. phone, video-chat) to remotely access healthcare services from the comfort of one’s home or office. Integrative Counseling Services, PC has offered virtual appointments using the SP App (iOS / Android) since 2019. When a patient joins our practice, we conduct a consultation to determine whether telehealth services would be right for their care. COVID-19 has expanded acceptable parameters of telehealth.