Parent Testimonial

“As a parent who has dealt  with numerous agencies and hoards of “counselors” I have found Alyse to be the most honest and direct therapist I have ever met. Alyse gives a balanced approach of honesty and practical advice which ultimately the patient must choose to follow. Alyse is the only therapist that my children are willing and eager to see. Alyse has made progress that exceeds what others have tried to achieve for years.  I find the family meeting to be respectful for my children and myself.Alyse finds a way to open avenues of trust and communication we have rarely shared before. Alyse feels more like a trusted family member than a ‘see you next week’ therapist, who can only give textbook advice. I only have good things to say…”

Payor Case Manager Testimonial

 “I have worked with many, many professional counselors over the years, and I would rank Alyse Kerr as one of the most insightful and strategic individuals with who I have partnered.  Coordinating services with Alyse has helped me better analyze my company’s insights and performance, and she has always ensured us that the clients are top of mind.  It has been a very enriching experience to have Alyse Kerr as part of our Provider Network.”


Trauma Informed Care for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities – 11/5/2014 Robin VanEerden

  • “The presenter was knowledgeable, caring, and knows her material.  Also pleasant to listen and learn from.”
  • “The speaker was able to provide information while still keeping the topic at hand interesting.”
  • “The presenter was great, funny, and extremely knowledgeable.”
  • “Everything discussed was clear and concise for anyone take the training.  No matter the professional affiliation.  This would be great for parents too.”
  • “Speaker was great!”
  • “Speaker was very good, clear info.”
  • “I loved that the speaker gave real life examples and how there was given for different groups.”
  • “The presenter was great!”



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